BlueChip Technologies LLC, Our success is measured ultimately by yours

At BlueChip Technologies, we measure our success by yours. Every day we apply energetic enthusiasm, innovation and experience in delivering solutions for our clients. Meeting your business needs is our primary focus.

One reason we are successful, we only employ senior talent. That means we have the depth of experience to apply to the practice of working with our clients in solving their business needs. From large-scale distributed enterprise solutions to small, lightweight applications or everything in between—like an n-tier client-server application— we have the skills and experience to draw upon to meet your needs.

Our experience includes:

Leading the development effort from white board to production deployment
Working as part of a team to achieve in-depth requirements analysis
Following varying levels of CMMI certification as required
Applying cutting edge and/or legacy technologies to solve problems in a practical manner
Rescuing “broken” projects

Unlike others, we don't cut and run. We'll even provide follow-up 24/7 support. If this sounds like what you need, give us a call. Together we can find a unique solution for your project.